Creating a new educational infrastructure for a connected society

In our uncertain society where the future is unpredictable, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and technologies that are beyond human capabilities are emerging, making the relationship between humans and machines more complex. In order for humans to behave humanly and achieve a secure future where we coexist with technology, we need to completely pursue the things that can only be done by humans. For this reason, education should not remain just as school education but be referred to in a more broad sense including informal learning. It needs to keep changing along with the appropriate curriculum depending on each generation.

Our mission is to create a new educational infrastructure that goes beyond educational content or services, and becomes the foundation of human resources development so that everyone can compete and learn from one another.


We are expanding our business globally by providing platforms for a wide range of educational products, services, and data. While providing various educational content for creativity and coding—which will be the core of 21st-century skills—and online classroom systems that enable learning regardless of time and place for different educational organizations, we redefine how education should be for the human resources who play their role in the next generation.

  • KOOV – The connected robotics kit for tomorrow’s innovators
  • PROC – The visual programming that develops computational thinking skills


Working with our educational partners has helped to give us local knowledge and expertise in a range of different fields.

– Seiko Gakuin Junior & Senior High School
– Trygroup Inc.
– Z-kai Inc., Zoshinkai Holdings Inc., Eikoh Inc.
– Empower Education Online Ltd.
– Saitama prefecture
– Raspberry Pi Foundation

*As of October, 2020.

We are always looking to meet new people who share our passion for STEAM* and global education – please feel free to contact us to talk about how we can work together.

*STEAM:Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics


The evolution of computing technology has created Artificial Intelligence (AI) that surpasses human abilities, and the long-stable role of education is now significantly changing worldwide. While our values become more diverse and various new social problems are frequently happening, humans are required to raise and solve issues strategically by seeing the world from a bird’s-eye view. In the new world, emotional human warmth will at times be required other than the pursued rationality which is the area of expertise of machines.

To coexist with technology that favors the ultimate optimization, humans are expected to behave like humans, diversely and uniquely, and act with a sense of purpose and strong intentions. To develop human resources who can create a rich society where diversity becomes the strength, or who can demonstrate creativity in STEAM areas and beyond, we, Sony Global Education, challenge ourselves to innovate the educational field utilizing technology while constantly designing the education as it should be.

Sony Global Education, Inc.
President Masaaki Isozu

President and Board Members

President  Masaaki Isozu
Hiroaki Kitano
Makoto Saito
Yoshinori Matsumoto
Auditor Takuro Higuchi

Company Info

Company name   Sony Global Education, Inc.
Founded April 1st, 2015
Headquarters HI Gotanda Bldg. 3F, 2-11-17 Nishigotanda,
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 141-0031, Japan
Capital 10 million yen

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